Best in Tech Conference 2010

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Thanks to AIRSLA (Audio Internet Reading Service of Los  Angeles) and Bernard Falkin we have lots of great pictures and audio of some of the workshops and all of the presentations from the Best in Tech 2010.

Pictures Take a look at these great photos that were taken by Bernard Falkin throughout the day.

Enhanced Vision - Justin Moore of Enhanced Vision describes their new Transformer video magnifier and answers questions about this new wonderful solution.

ABiSee - ABiSee representatives and associates discuss their Zoom-Twix, Zoom-EX, Eye-Pal, Eye-Pal Solo, and Eye-Pal Solo LV products.

Best in Tech 2010 Part 1 - Introduction and welcome, Dice HD Radio - Ken Metz, Humanware Braille Note Apex with Sendero GPS - Robert Stigile, Mobile Geo for Windows Cell Phones - Julian Vargas

Best in Tech 2010 Part 2 - Accessible cell phones - Julian Vargas, Droid X accessibility - Nick Gutinger, iPhone accessibility - Tiffany Manosh, iPad - Bill Takeshita, Open Book 9 and Pearl Camera - Bob Sweetman, iBill & Pen Friend - Keith Christian, Video Magnifiers/C-Desk - Dr. Brett Nagatani, Financial help - Racquel Decipeda.


Speakers and Resources 2010


Best in Tech 2009

Best in Tech 2009 - Cell phone screen readers - Racquel Decipeda, Mobile readers and GPS - Julian Vargas, Accessible GPS - Bob Sweetman, Voice Sense - Ken Metz, iPhone Accessibility - Louis Herrera, Apple iMac Accessibility - Marc Gerberick, System Access - Keith Christian, ABISee Twix - Stephanie Rood, CCTVs and Portable magnifiers - Dr. Brett Nagatani.










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