Best in Tech Conference 2011

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Thanks to AIRSLA (Audio Internet Reading Service of Los  Angeles) and Bernard Falkin we have lots of great pictures and audio of the workshops and the presentations from the Best in Tech 2011.



Julian Vargas lectures on Apple iPhone 4S and IOS 5 accessibility and totally destroys the myth that this touch screen device isn't accessible to the blind and vision impaired.



Brian Albriton of The Braille Institute discusses digital book players. Learn about the different types and how to setup and get authorization from providers of digital books.


Freedom Scientific

Freedom Scientific representatives discuss their JAWS 13, Magic, OpenBook, Pearl, and Sara CE products.


Enhanced Vision

Enhanced Vision presents a question-and-answer session on their portable, transportable and desktop magnifier systems.


Best in Tech 2011 Part 1

Racquel Decipeda and Dr. Bill Takeshita welcome you to The Best In Tech Conference 2011, sponsored jointly by Center For the Partially Sighted and the National Federation of the Blind, S.F.V. Chapter.


Best in Tech 2011 Part 2

Brett Nagatani on CDesk, Mike Goldberg on Magic, Mike Arrigo on Android O.S., Julian Vargas on iPhones, Brian Albriton on the Braille Pen, Robert Stigile on Notetakers.


Best in Tech 2011 Part 3

Keith Christian on Bookport Plus, Tina McDonald on e-book Readers, Francisca Escobar on The Ruby, Bill Takeshita on magnifiers, Leslie Burkhardt on wise consumption, Terri Howell on CTAP products


Speakers and Resources 2011

Pictures Take a look at these great photos that were taken by Bernard Falkin throughout the day.

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