Best in Tech Conference 2013

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Thanks to AIRSLA (Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles) and Bernard Falkin we have lots of great pictures and audio of the workshops and the presentations from the Best in Tech 2013.

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AI Squared ZoomText and ImageReader

AI Squared ZoomText Mac

Learn about what's new in zoomText as well as some new products, ZoomText Image reader and ZoomText MAC.

Optelec - Learn all about the new ClearView+ speech system. This talking CCTV is quite powerful yet very easy to use.

Enhanced Vision - local distributor Mark Greget owner of Los Angeles Low Vision will be presenting some of Enhanced Vision’s latest products. He will be show casing the Merlin Elite, DaVinci and the latest addition to Enhanced Visions portable line up; the Pebble 4.3 HD.


Main Presentation

Welcome, opening remarks and Dr. Bill Takeshita talked about the latest options to assist students who use Macintosh computers and Windows 8.1. He also discussed the Zoom Text Mac, LVI Student New Generation, Enhanced Vision Transformer and portable screen, and more.
Brian Albriton talked about MBraille, an app that allows Braille input using the touch screen of IOS Devices without the use of an external keyboard.
Douglas Gerry talked about Ai Squared’s new software and camera based OCR product called ImageReader.
Bob Sweetman talked about Keysoft #4 Braille Math for the BrailleNote Apex
Dr. Brett Nagatani talked about the Optelec Clearview Speech, a new cost conscious talking CCTV as well as the Humanware Prodigi Duo, another revolutionary CCTV that incorporates a CCTV/portable in a single unit that can also talk to you.
Steve Bauer talked about the new and enhanced features of the Victor Reader Stream New Generation from Humanware.
Keith Christian talked about the basic features of Voice Dream Reader and the NLS BARD Mobile app for IOS Devices.
Kristen MacDonald talked about how using the combination of Apple’s Mac Book Air and the iPhone with their built in accessibility features have increased her efficiency and productivity.
Julian Vargas talked about the latest mobile GPS applications: Sendero’s Seeing Eye GPS for IOS devices and APH’s Nearby Explorer for Android devices.
Michael Parker informed us about the latest innovations and solutions from Freedom Scientific.
Patrick Nunnelly talked about the Perkins Smart Brailler.

Speakers and Resources

Take a look at these great photos that were taken by Bernard Falkin throughout the day.

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