Best in Tech Conference 2014

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Thanks to AIRSLA (Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles) and Bernard Falkin we have lots of great pictures and audio of the workshops and the presentations from the Best in Tech 2014.



Bob Sweetman of Sweetman Systems describes the features of the Victor Stream New Generation.

Freedom Scientific

Learn all about Freedom Scientific's Ruby, Hi Def Topaz and JAWS 16.


James McCarthy, president of HIMS, discusses and demonstrates the new eBot line of tablet-compatible video magnifiers.

Main Presentation

Best in Tech 2014 Presentations

Actual users of various types of assistive technology shared their opinions and reviews of devices and solutions that have been most helpful for them or other blind / low vision patients and students who they have worked with or taught this year.


Take a look at these great photos that were taken by Bernard Falkin throughout the day.

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