Best in Tech Conference 2018

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Thanks to AIRSLA (Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles) and Bernard Falkin we have lots of great pictures and audio of the workshops and the presentations from the Best in Tech 2018.


Sweetman Systems

Sweetman Systems on JAWS 2019, BrailleNote Touch, Braille Sense Polaris, Qbraille, Brailliant 14, Focus displays from Vispero/VFO...


Rachel Feinberg of Humanware gives a brief summary of all their products.

Vraille Institute

Braille Institute's staff showcases the voice-controlled home technology market. Google Home, Apple's HomePod - and more.


Main Presentation

Actual users of various types of assistive technology shared their opinions and reviews of devices and solutions that have been most helpful for them or other blind / low vision patients and students who they have worked with or taught this year.

Part 1

Joy Stigile discusses blood glucose monitoring technology for blind people with diabetes. Check your glucose level without drawing blood!

Part 2

Bob Serian on the OrCam MyEye. It's a camera attached to eyeglasses and uses AI to read text, recognize faces, identify products & currency and...

Part 3

Juanita Herrera on built-in accessibility and assistive technology features including text-to-speech and dictation technology.

Part 4

Rachel Feinberg of Humanware gives a brief summary of all their products.

Part 5

Julian Vargas discusses Aira's latest, Horizon, a combination of controller and smart glasses that substantially reduces connectivity problems.

Part 6

Don Whinfrey discusses his experience with Amazon Echo devices. How he uses them and how they affect his life.

Part 7

Keith Christian on IrisVision virtual reality goggles for near and distant viewing. He finds them valuable at home and at work.

Part 8

Conversion of bitmaps to tactile graphics, graphing tools, and specialty tools for braille math using the IRIE BrailleTrac 120 embosser.

Part 9

Darren Dixon, a 9th grader from San Diego, shares how he uses iMovie to edit videos for family and friends.

Part 10

Marissa Solaun on Seeing AI, an artificial intelligence app from Microsoft. It captures print text, scans barcodes, recognizes faces...

Part 11

Julian Vargas discusses a new third party onscreen keyboard for IOS devices - FlickType. It lets you type up to 4 times faster!

Part 12

Robert Stigile shares his opinions on the differences between BrailleNote Touch and BrailleSense Polaris.


Take a look at these great photos that were taken by Bernard Falkin throughout the day.

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