IOS Resources 10/22/2021

The following are some resources that should be helpful to those who are new to, or want to become more proficient in the use of, an IOS Device. I've also included a list of apps that I have found to be helpful to me in my daily life as well as the clients I've worked with over several years.

Set up an Apple ID

iPhone user guide

VoiceOver Guide

Apple Accessibility support page for iPhone and iPad

Instructional videos on tips for using the blind and low vision accessibility features of Apple devices

AppleVis, a great source for learning more about iPhone accessibility and apps

VIPhone Mailing list on Google Groups

Helpful articles from AppleVis for those who are new to IOS devices

Getting Started with the iPhone and other helpful publications from the National Braille Press

Helpful Apps

Please note that the apps preceded by a * are the ones I highly recommend.

Learning and improving the use of VoiceOver gestures

VO Starter = Free

Staying informed:
NFB Newsline = Free (requires registration with NFB Newsline program)


Blind Bargains = Free

Sero = Free

GPS /Navigation Assistance
I classify GPS products into 2 categories
1. Orientational - gives information about nearby addresses, streets/intersections and points of interest (POIs) i.e. similar to what a graphical map provides to sighted people.
2. Guided - gives traditional turn by turn directions from point of origin to destination.

* GoodMaps Outdoors (orientational/guided) = Free

* Lazarillo GPS (Orientational) = Free

Blind Square (orientational) = Paid (calls out intersections as you approach, gives clock face/getting warmer directions and does breadcrumbing)

*Microsoft Sounscape (orientational) = Free (helps you locate nearby points of interest using 3D sounds)

Clew = Free (Uses Augmented Reality to help retrace your steps in unfamiliar environments)

iMove (orientational) = Free (good for address finding)

Ariadne GPS (orientational) = $5.95 (good for address finding)

Google Maps (guided) = Free

overTHERE (Orientational) = Free (great for finding points of interest, addresses and intersections)

Public Transportation

* Moovit = Free (great for planning trips using public transit and includes real time alerts for arriving busses and get off announcements when your approaching your stop

* XT Bus = Free (get real-time bus arrival prediction based on the GPS location of the bus)

* Access Services Where's my ride = Free (For registered riders of Access Services in LA County)

Money Identifiers

* Cash Reader = requires subscription

EyeNote = Free (Only reads US currency)

*Seeing AI = Free (includes currency identifier)

Object recognition, remote visual assistance, and prescription label reading

* Seeing AI = Free

* Envision AI = Free for 14 days trial then requires subscription

* Be My Eyes = Free (connects you with a sighted volunteer via video conference for remote visual assistance. Also connects you to Microsoft and Google Accessibility for specialized help with their products)

* Aira = offers free 5 minute calls and other free services and requires subscription for full service (Visual interpretation and remote assistance from professionally trained agents)

To get 30 free minutes, use my referral link.

TapTapSee = Free

BeSpecular = Free

* ScripTalk Mobile = Free (Your pharmacy must participate in the ScripTalk program from Envision America)

Barcode and labeling

* Seeing AI = Free (includes an excellent barcode reader)

* DigitEyes = $19.99

* Target = Free

* Envision AI = Free for 14 days trial then requires subscription

OCR (Optical character Recognition)

* Voice Dream Scanner = paid

* Seeing AI = Free (includes short text realtime reading, OCR document and handwriting reading)

KNFB Reader = Paid

Text Grabber = Paid

Envision AI = Free 14 day trial then requires subscriptions (Real time text reading and OCR document and handwriting reading)

To get the best results from OCR apps I recommend using a scanning stand. I really like the Fopydo scanning stand for the blind because it is very light weight, portable, and easy to set up and break down when done using. You can find them online by Googling, or purchase from me. If interested, please call me at: 818-794-9554

eBook and Digital book reading

BARD Mobile = Free (Only available to subscribers registered with NLS)

Apple Books = Free

Kindel (Amazon) = Free

Nook (Barne's and Noble) = Free

Learning Ally = Free (only available to subscribers registered with Learning Ally Link (formerly known as RFB andD)

* Voice Dream Reader = Paid (can be used to read BookShare books open epub books and listen to Blind Mice descriptive Movies on your iPhone without using iTunes)

Recording apps

* Pocket Recorder, an accessible audio recorder = 9.99

If the information and resources that I provide on this page have helped you in any way, and you feel moved or motivated to do so, please feel free to donate. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will help to offset the costs of keeping up with technology and the gathering of knowledge and resources which are shared on this page.