If you have not attended a Tech Talk meeting since before January 2016, please be sure to read and make note of our new meeting location provided in the when and where section of this flyer. Also, if you or someone bringing you will need to park, you must RSVP and request parking validation at least 3 days before the day of our meeting otherwise you are responsible for parking costs.

Julian Vargas


New advances in technology are changing the lives of many people who are blind or low-vision. Come and be part of a group that will meet quarterly to discuss and make it easier for you to better understand many types of Assistive Technologies that can help you to be more independent and productive. Whether you are new to technology or know your way around, participating in Tech Talk” is a great way to meet others like you who want to learn more about or enjoy talking tech.

Its that time of the year! Apple has just released new iPhones, IOS 10 and even a new Apple Watch. Oh, and lets not forget about Googles new phones, Android 7 (nougat) and other devices too, hint, Amazons Alexa may be getting some serious competition. Should you upgrade to the new iPhone or Apple Watch? Can you survive without that headphone jack? Is it safe to update to IOS 10: Or, is now the time to make the move to Android? We can discuss these and any other questions you may have. There's so much to talk about indeed. Come join us for our last scheduled meeting of 2016 for a lively, interactive and informative discussion.

When: Saturday October 8, 2016
2PM to 4PM (if coming via Access please try to schedule your return pick up after 4PM)

Where: Tarzana Hospital
North Conference Center Building B, Conference Room 3
18321 Clark St.
Nearest major cross street is Reseda Bl.
*Please note the following instructions that should make it easier for you to find our meeting location:

There are 2 ways to enter the hospital complex, either from Clark St. or Burbank Blvd. Please give the following instructions to your driver.
If entering from Clark St.
Continue straight, bypassing the hospital main entrance and the Women's Pavilion. When you reach the end of the building, which should be on your right hand side, turn right into the parking lot which is in front of the North Conference Center Building B and look for the entrance.
If entering from Burbank Blvd.
Continue straight through the parking gate until reaching a parking structure, which will be slightly to your right. At that point, keep to the left which should lead into the parking lot in front of the North Conference Center Building B then look for the entrance.
To RSVP, ask any questions or offer suggestions for future discussions, please contact
Julian Vargas at: help@techjv.com
Or call: 818-794-9554