Baker to Vegas, Stage 9, April 21, 2007

 Vehicle ID
 Panorama view of Stage 9
 Last minute repairs
 Resting before the fun starts
 Pitching a tent at the campsite
 As we arrived at Stage 9
 The view
 Setting up the lighting
 Would make a great mask!
 Getting equipment from Chris' truck
 Setting up the tables
 Preparing the mast
 Raising the antenna
 Radio Comm
 Drinking lots of liquids
 Waiting for the action to start
 Ready for anything...
 David and Marty
 The "chip" team
 What the road looked like
 At it's peak, the cars were parked about a half mile ahead
 The "chute"
One the race began there was no time to take pictures. We were all very busy.

Created by Bernard