How to install DVSwitch on your Android
phone to access Allstar Nodes.
Modified 9/19/22

Got to the Allstarlink web page to create an account.

Fill out the form, including your call sign and password. Save your call sign and password, you will need it later.
Click on "Submit."

Once you receive a email confirmation that you were approved, install the DVSwitch App.

Open the App and click on "More..."

Then choose "AllstarLink."

Touch "WT Setup."

Input your call sign and password, then click "Save."

Now touch "Enter WT Mode."

Touch "Nodes."

Now choose the or search for the Node you desire to connect.

Touch the desired Node to connect to, and you will be returned to the main screen, it should connect by itself.
If it doesn't touch "Connect" on the main screen.

Any questions email me at Bernard (kg6fbm at bflocks dot com)