Wisconsin Vacation
April 2008

 A view from the plane
My Aunt and her horse
Should I eat the hay or see if humans have something better?
A view while riding "Muffin."
Rewarding Muffin
Amber, the horse
At the Midwest Horse Fair
A horse that could paint
It could bring you water
right to your hand
Cheesecake on a stick
Mounted Police
Playing ball
What every firefighter needs
Teaching them young
Stacey Westfall
Back at the farm
A pair of horses
My aunts dog "Wizard"
Mt. Horab
 Playing disc golf
 House on the Rock
 Wall of stone
 Warm cozy room
 30 second time exposures
 Mechanical Orchestra
 Their dining room table
 A view from the couch
 A piggy bank
 A player violin
 A player Orchestra
 Largest Carousel in the world

Created by Bernard